Turkish Throw Pillows

An easy way to elevate any living room or bedroom. Refresh seasonly or yearly but know that these pillows will stand the test of time.

At High Pile Designs, our ever-changing selection of handmade Turkish pillows will be sure to catch your attention! Made from recycled Turkish rugs, these pieces are durable and will last for years in any space. Our Turkish throw pillows range in size, from 15x15 inches up to 25x25 inches. We also have some odd-shaped throw pillows because each piece is handmade from old Turkish rugs! What we love about our pillows is you can mix and match any pattern together - they don’t have to be exact, although we do have some ‘pairs’ which we call ‘sisters’ (because they’re not exact). New pieces pop up often, so if you don’t see something that speaks to you currently, make sure to send us a message!