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Where do you buy your rugs and how are they sourced?

We work with different vendors we met and developed relationships with personally in Turkey 

How do I clean/care for my rug? 

Because each piece is hand woven, we recommend shaking out your rugs 1x/month. Best done outside, gently "beat" your rug from the back to loosen any embedded dirt or debris. To keep your rug in its original condition, we do not recommend a ton of vacuuming as some can be harsh and pull/loosen the woven fibers. If you do vacuum, use a brush attachment.

Think of your rug like a new piece of art - if you take good care, these rugs can and will last for generations. 

What should I do if I spill something, get food on my rug or notice stains?

Stains should be cleaned immediately to prevent them from becoming permanent. 

  • For red wine stains: blot with white wine and then remove it with water.
  • Other alcohol stains: lightly dampen the stain with warm water and remove it with 90% alcohol. 
  • Chocolate stains: dampen a sponge with ammonia and wipe it carefully so it doesn't spread. 
  • Other candy or sweets: lightly wipe with a sponge and warm water.
  • Mud/dirt stains: dry well and vacuum thoroughly. 
  • Fruit stains: mix 3 parts white vinegar or lemon juice and 1 part ammonia. Dampen the sponge with this mixture and wipe the stain gently. You can also use white wine and remove with water - we've had to do this ourselves and it works great! 
  • Ink stains: dampen a sponge with a mixture of water, soap and alcohol. Carefully wipe the stain.
  • Wet blood stains: dampen a sponge and wipe with cold, salty water. If this doesn't get it out, use white wine. Never use hot water. 
  • Dry blood: brush the stain and clean with a small amount of water mixed with ammonia. Never use hot water. 
  • Pet stains: wipe with a damp sponge while the stain is wet. After it's dry, wipe with white wine vinegar. 

What types of rugs are best for me/my space?


  • Best for high traffic areas
  • Can be used on hardwood floors and tile
  • Lightweight, durable, and oftentimes reversible 


  • Best for low-medium traffic areas or wall decor
  • Can be used on hardwood floors, tile, and hung as wall tapestries
  • Medium-weight with embroidery 

High Pile:

  • Best for low traffic areas
  • Can be used on hardwood floors, tile, and carpet
  • Thicker, heavier, and more durable 

What is the difference between the types of rugs on your site? 


  • A flat-woven rug style produced by interweaving individual vertical & horizontal strands of material. Kilims are created on a loom with wool or cotton and are oftentimes reversible. 
  • Wool is the most versatile kilim-making material. It's durable and contains lanolin and other natural oils - allowing the kilim to be flexible, resistant to dirt, and easy to clean.
  • Cotton is used primarily for highlights and accent weaves within rugs. It's not as versatile as wool, however it's stronger and keeps its shape better. 


  • Pronounced ji-jeem, this rug style is a type of kilim that is produced by weaving colored strips on a narrow loom and sewn together.
  • Other unique design elements may be added later like embroidery, feathers, and different types of animal hair. 


  • A hand knotted rug style that is typically made with loose and tall material.
  • High pile carpets & rugs have long fibers (think shag carpet), while low pile rugs have shorter fibers and tighter knots

Do the designs have meaning? 

Yes! Each rug is handmade and has a beautiful story that is told through its unique weaving - one of the reasons we fell in love with Turkish rugs. Typically, rugs were made and given as dowries by brides to their husbands for marriage.

In each rug there are a variety of symbols, motifs, and designs that have their own unique meaning. Symbolism is notated within the description of each rug.

Are all the dyes natural? 

Yes! All of our products are dyed from a variety of vegetables, insects, and mineral sources. Some examples include plants, berries, and minerals. Natural dyes are commonly used by tribal weaves and last longer than synthetic dyes.

Which women's organizations in Turkey do you partner with? 

We're currently partnered with KEDV, a wonderful non-profit in Turkey. In the coming months, we'll be expanding our partnerships.

How much is shipping?

Standard shipping is included in all prices! If you'd like your pieces faster, you can choose an expedited shipping option at check-out. 

Do you offer returns? 

We're unable to accommodate returns at this time. If you'd like to see additional photos or videos of any pieces you're interested in, email us ( or DM us on Instagram (@highpiledesigns) and we're happy to share! 

Are your pillows comfortable or soft?

Each pillow is unique and its texture will vary depending on the material. Wool-based designs will have more structure and are great for accent pillows. Cotton-based designs will be softer and more comfortable to use for reclining. 

Do your pillowcases come with inserts? 

All pillowcases ship without inserts.