Small Turkish Area Rugs

Minis, prayer rugs and yastiks. These are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, the side of your bed or even as table runners! Let's get creative.

At High Pile Designs, we love our small rugs! Minis and small-sized rugs are perfect for any space. Think bathroom, kitchen sink, right in front of your oven. But we love small rugs in creative places too. Think pet bowls and table centerpieces. You name the space, we can find a rug to fit. Our small rugs range in size from around 2x3 to 3x5. But these sizes are approximates, as all of our Turkish rugs are uneven since they’re handmade on a loom. And yes, that’s part of their charm! If you’re looking for a small but mighty piece that’ll pack a punch in any room, look no further. We’re always getting new pieces in, so if you don’t see something that speaks to you currently, make sure to send us a message