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Introducing: High Pile Designs

Hey there 👋

We’re High Pile Designs. Denver's newest, sister-owned, home decor company rooted in social impact. 

How'd We Start? 

Inspired by a recent trip to Turkey, we found ourselves following a new obsession — rugs. These aren’t just any rugs though, these are cool rugs. And over the last few months, we've taken a huge leap of faith and unleashed our creativity to bring these back to you. 

In February 2023, we visited during the country's off-season (picture 10 degree temps and sleet to celebrate Jessie’s birthday). Partially for warmth and partially because we couldn't restrain ourselves, we spent hours in local rug shops. Our brother sat there for 3+ hours at a time while we searched for ‘the one’. For multiple days in a row - bless his heart. We collectively drank 25 glasses of apple tea - a Turkish tradition for shared experiences - IYKYK. And our obsession was born. 

‘The one’ turned into five, six, became pretty impossible to limit ourselves. And this opportunity was unique. Not only did we leave with enough rugs to furnish a 3 bedroom house, we made new friends in an age-old industry. Our friends taught us a lot. From dowries to home decoration to using these pieces so families didn’t freeze at night - these rugs have played a massive role throughout Turkey’s history. 

The Bad News

Unfortunately, this art is becoming obsolete. Generational knowledge and traditions are no longer part of day-to-day life. This is partly due to easier access to education and partly due to technology. Think ‘machine-made rugs from large retailers’ (Target, Costco, etc). They’re cute and if they only last a few years, who cares? They’re cheap!  

We care! And they care! We felt strongly about bringing this history, education and art back home to you. And if you’ve purchased said rugs from Target and Costco, have no fear. There’s always room for improvement. 😉

In nomadic tribes, weaving has been the ‘high art’. It tells the stories of religion, culture, and social beliefs, and is done completely by women. However, we found through our travels the rugs were sold only by men. For a country that ranks 124th in the world for gender equality, this isn’t surprising. 

It was clear we wanted to build in a system of giving back to the individuals weaving these incredible works of art. So, for every piece sold, we donate to local women’s groups and nonprofits in Turkey. These all support education, entrepreneurship, and other services to empower these incredible artists. 

What Makes High Pile Designs Different?

High Pile Design pieces are one-of-a-kind, handmade, and more modern than you've seen - we'd bet money on it. Some of our rugs are over 100 years old, most over 50. We originally fell in love with high pile rugs (get the name?) which are hand tied and dyed. Think soft, shaggy carpets with rich reds, hot pinks, and sunset oranges. And we make sure to choose patterns you haven’t seen before.

Our favorite part? There's a unique story hidden throughout each piece and we’re bringing that story to you. You’ll notice each rug has specific symbolism attached in every description. We’ve spent weeks researching and memorizing so you choose something that speaks to you.

Not everyone has the opportunity to travel the world and bring home a tangible memory. But, everyone deserves to have incredible, high-quality art in their home. And if you're supporting artisans along the way + keeping history alive, who wouldn't want to be a part of that? 

Thanks For Being Here!

Our pieces have traveled a long way and each have their own story to tell. We hope you love them as much as we do and that they find a new home in yours. 

Thanks for making it this far. We’re so excited to share High Pile Designs with you and are grateful you’re here. 

Love and Rugs,

Jessie & Carly 💕

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